Iraq - Visa Upon Arrival

Iraq Visa upon arrival

The Iraqi government implemented March 15 visa on arrival status to citizens of several countries. The move constitutes a profound change to Iraq’s visa policy.

Citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, European Union states, Russia, China and other countries can now get a visa upon entering Iraq via an airport or a land or sea border. Those entering will need to pay a fee and their entry is subject to coronavirus-related regulations, the Iraqi government said in a press release.

The measure aims to boost the Iraqi economy. To this end, Iraq included all permanent members of the United Nations Security Council on the list. Citizens of the economic powerhouses Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland can also receive a visa on arrival. Iraq wants to “encourage investment & support job creation,” the government said in a tweet.

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Citizens of the EU, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia & New Zealand can apply for the visa on arrival. 

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